31 in 31

After much thought and scribbling and crossing out, I have made up my list of things to do over the next year. Like last year, I’m posting it to make it public among my friends, so I can be held accountable. I will try my best to post about each achievement as I cross it off the list, and I’ll do an update here and there about my progress.

  1. Bake Pioneer Woman’s famous cinnamon rolls.
  2. Bake a cake completely from scratch. (Note to self: ask Sarah for pointers!)
  3. Update my phone and address book, transfer to memory of home phone and cell phone. I’m tired of having to search my Gmail archives to find someone’s most recent address or phone number.
  4. Get us off mailing lists and reduce junk mail.
  5. Try a CSA again. Research it better, get recommendations.
  6. Grow food – more than tomatoes and herbs. Maybe peppers?
  7. Read 50 books.
  8. Blog regularly.
  9. Take my vitamins.
  10. Email (and call) my friends more.
  11. Put together an emergency kit for the car.
  12. Take a class. Any class.
  13. Lose some weight.
  14. Work on embroidery to figure out if I like it.
  15. Stay hydrated.
  16. Wear moisturizer.
  17. Participate in Thing-a-Day. It’ll be incomplete because of the February cruise, but that’s ok.
  18. See the stars from the cruise ship.
  19. Organize all my printed and photocopied recipes.
  20. Make cookies that aren’t for Christmas.
  21. Impress them at my new job and get a good review and/or raise.
  22. Paint living and dining rooms.
  23. Read Darwin’s Origin of Species.
  24. Make a birthday list so I stop relying on Facebook to tell me.
  25. Set up a safe deposit box for our important papers.
  26. Try curling. Yes, the sport. Yes, it IS a sport.
  27. Get my sewing machine out of the box, plug it in, and stitch something. Anything.
  28. See the National Christmas Tree in DC. I’ve wanted to since I got here and haven’t managed yet.
  29. Make bagels from scratch.

The last two aren’t for sharing, because it’s not stuff I’ll be posting about. Hope nobody minds!

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