Tomato tasting

Independent sources agree: my tomatoes are delicious.

Don’t even ask me how he got the thing up there to snack on it – that tomato was on a very low branch and already had bites taken out of it, which is why I left it there. I thought maybe leaving one ripe, accessible tomato on the vine would keep the critters away from all the other ones. Mr. Squirrelly over here has ruined that plan with the super-squirrel strength and coordination needed to hoist a huge tomato up onto the deck.

Squirrels are why I can’t have nice things in my garden. The bird feeder was wrecked in a day, and the pretty painted birdhouse Mom gave me has suffered significant roof damage from squirrel attacks. I’m glad we have the fence fixed now, because it’ll keep the deer away from my veggies, but the bunnies and the squirrels are sneaky little enemies. Unless I go to the trouble of building a wire cage around everything, I think I’m stuck with cute, fluffy, tomato poachers.

Nobody is bothering much with the cherry tomatoes except us humans, so I think maybe I will stick with those next year. They are delicious, and if I pick them before they’re completely ripe, they’re mostly flawless. The big tomatoes, on the other hand, are all getting bites taken out of them, or splitting at the seams.

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