Seedlings Update

The seedlings were getting bigger and some of them had more than one set of leaves, so I transplanted them this weekend before they got too crowded in their egg cartons. The big tomatoes are growing the fastest, which surprises me because they were the last to sprout!
They’re pretty tall now (on the right, in the photo) and have 3 pairs of leaves. The cherry tomatoes (on the left) aren’t doing as well, but they’re still alive and green, so I won’t give up yet. The herbs are pretty pitiful, and I think that from now on I’ll just end up buying little herb plants for $1.50 each at Home Depot instead of trying this seed thing ever again. For example, these are my chives:

I don’t have a nice warm, bright spot for the herbs to grow from seed – the window I had them in, which was the best spot in the house, only gets a few hours of sun a day and I think they need a lot more than that. I’d need to invest in grow lights, and I’m not that dedicated to gardening quite yet.

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