Thing 3

My sister-in-law’s birthday was last week, and we all got together tonight to celebrate with dinner out and cake at our place. For her birthday present, we got her gift cards to her two favorite stores (Target and Michael’s), because with the massive house renovations they’re working on, and the baby on the way, more “stuff” isn’t what she needs.
Since I had Thing-a-Day to inspire me to creative endeavors, I made a gift box for the cards, instead of buying one or sticking them inside a birthday card. I think it turned out pretty cute! This was my first attempt at decoupage and it wasn’t too difficult, and I think I’ll be trying more projects like this during the rest of the month.

I used a foam wedge paintbrush to spread the glue, then I wet the butterfly in a bowl of water and placed it where I wanted it, smoothing it out gently with the foam brush and using more glue to paste it down completely. Then once it dried, I glued on a bit of ribbon around the edge of the box top, using plain old school glue.

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