Project: Red Room

Red. It’s a lovely color for lots of things. Apples, lipstick, Corvettes… but not an ideal color for a small bedroom.

Even the radiators were painted red! Who does that?

Since I designated this a snow day and I didn’t go into work, I made myself useful and covered the walls with primer. I used the “High Hiding” interior latex primer from Valspar (in the red can – ironic!), which we had really good luck with in the past when we had to paint over the black baseboards and molding in another room. First I did the edges with a paintbrush, which is my favorite part:

And then I went nuts with the roller to get the walls done and ended up covered in teeny speckles of paint like I always do. I managed to avoid the carpet for the most part, thank goodness, and none of the cats got painted, either. I’m not very good with roller technique, but I get the job done. I learned somewhere you’re supposed to paint in “W” shapes to prevent striping, but I somehow always manage to make everything uneven and streaky. For that reason, I don’t think my husband will trust me do the final, pretty coat in the color we’ve chosen. Here’s how the walls look all primed and ready for real paint:

We bought three sample cans of yellow paint to see which we like best, because yellow can veer towards “banana” or “big bird” really easily and we’d like it to be a more buttery shade. Mmmm, butter room.

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