I had to work a couple of Saturdays and Sundays this month – more than usual because a coworker went on maternity leave and left us with a dozen weekend shifts unmanned. It’s not so bad, because there are enough of us that we each had to pick up one extra day and we were covered. Also, her baby is adorable and so I forgive her for wanting to stay home and be with it and stuff. Normally, when nobody is having babies, I work every seventh weekend.

I don’t enjoy my working weekends and holidays because they’re always day shifts, meaning I need to be there (and preferably awake) by 7am. So I need to be up by 5:30am. Compare this to the normal noon start to my shift, and my alarm clock’s usual setting of 9am. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was able to get some sleep the night before, but I’m a nocturnal creature and I usually have to take an over-the-counter sleeping pill to help knock me out early enough. Otherwise my internal clock doesn’t hit “bedtime” until midnight at the earliest. Of course, the side effect of this is a groggy morning and blinky drive to work during which I am thankful I’m nearly alone on the road.

Despite my sleepiness, my journey to work these past two weekends has not been grumpy, because I drive east and my timing has been just right to catch the sunrise. I know that a sunrise looks essentially the same as a sunset, but it feels different. There’s something very calming about seeing the light return to the sky, and watching the clouds go from pink to peach to butter to blue.

I totally slept in this morning, though.

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