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Reading List

I’m making a deliberate effort to read more, and I think it’s helping to rewire my brain in a way that will make it more productive. Good input leads to good output – eventually. My free time isn’t set up to allow for much book-reading right now, but I’m absorbing some great blogs in the spaces between my responsibilities. Here are a few of my current favorite sources of online input for you to explore, if you’re considering adding to your own reading list. Full disclosure: I know these people, at least in the Twitter sense of “knowing,” but I wouldn’t stand behind their work if I didn’t think they deserved it. I enjoy these things, so I am sharing these things with you. That’s how the world goes ’round.

Getting Ready to Go is a fun little blog about transitions and preparation and how to get from A to B in ways that make sense. Tasha writes most of the posts herself, but often invites guest posters (myself among them, yay!) to talk about their own experiences. Maybe you’re getting ready to go to a friend’s wedding, or getting ready for a wine and cheese date you’ve just been invited to with only 15 minutes’ warning. Maybe you’ve got a guest post you could share with her, too – think about it!

Nicole Dieker is writing a wonderful novel that’s coming out bit by bit as a tumblr serial and it’s really just the best thing. It’s called The Biographies of Ordinary People, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a series of stories about people who are made so real on the page that you feel like you know them well enough to invite them to dinner. You can support Nicole’s talent over at Patreon if you’re so inclined. And you should probably incline yourself that way, because her work is pretty great.

I absolutely love reading Ken-inatractor, because he’s hilarious. He’s a Canadian farmer who’s experimenting with stretchy jeans in his middle age.  I was delighted to see a new post from him last week, because he’s been quiet for a while and I think the world needs more of him. I’m not sure if he’s going to be updating the blog regularly, but his archived posts are absolutely worth looking through if you want to binge-read.

What about you? What are you reading (or writing!) that I should add to my list? Funny, sad, educational, it doesn’t matter. I need to consume more good work, so I can improve my own.