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Bookmarked For Later

I have a little bit of a bookmark problem.

I just went through my Firefox bookmarks trying to find an article I wanted to share with a friend, and noticed my “Recipes” bookmark folder, sitting there looking all small and closed and innocent.

“Oh, hi, Recipes folder,” I said, “how’ve you been? Let me click you and see how big you’ve grown.”


I have seventy recipes in there. At least a dozen of them are actually bookmarks for pages with titles like “Fifteen things to try with fresh lemons,” or message board threads titled “Share your favorite soup recipes.” Out of the list, I’ve tried exactly three recipes. That’s pretty terrible.

Even terribler? I haven’t been adding as many recipes to my browser bookmarks lately, because of a delightfully time-sucking website called Pinterest. I can save recipes from anywhere and get to them all on this one website! Even better, I can save pretty pictures of food that catch my eye, without even knowing what’s in the recipe! The result of this witchcraft is that I have 74 pins on my “Food” board, only a few of which I’ve tried.


Add that up, folks. That’s a minimum of 144 recipes.

I need to get off my butt and start trying some of these. I saved them because I wanted to try them, right?

I’m making a commitment to myself here and saying I’m going to try at least one new recipe each week from my bookmarks, so I can weed out the ones that don’t work and print out and save the ones that do.

I can’t promise I’ll come back and report on every single one (unless there’s an overwhelming demand), but you’ll certainly be hearing about the successes and the glorious disasters, because those are always fun to write (and read!) about.