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I’m expanding my freelance writing portfolio with new clients all the time, and I’d love a chance to write for you too. Just give me a topic and enough time to make a fresh pot of coffee, and I’m on it. I love to stretch myself on fun new projects. Hire me as a freelance writer.

I have written about laboratory medicine, health, and medical device safety for Bio Detectives, LabTestingMatters and ConsumerSafety.org. I’ve written about the importance of climate science and renewable energy for Earthtechling and Understanding Solar. My work is featured as guest posts on several other blogs, and I also share my personal thoughts, opinions and stories here on Antijenic Drift. More about me here.

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  • Writing for ghosts, about ghosts, or to ghosts. If you’re a ghost, or ghost-adjacent, and you need a writer, get in touch. Who else you gonna call?

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