Christmas Decorations

I can’t believe December is knocking at the front door so soon. It just doesn’t get cold enough here in November for it to feel like Santa’s reindeer are out training for their big run. I’ll admit, though, that it is easier to put up strings of lights when you don’t need to be fumbling with thick mittens, so I do appreciate the milder climate.
I was outside last weekend, putting up the lights and giant ornaments on the front porch. It looks almost the same as last year’s design, except that I put the white lights on the shrub and the colored lights up on the eaves. I stick to that general arrangement because it’s the simplest way to decorate the front of the house without putting in support hooks around the window or door, or running extension cords to light up other trees. Maybe I’ll do that eventually, but this is easy and pretty.

I searched in vain for last year’s wreath to put up on the middle hook. It refused to be found, so I went to Michaels for some supplies and made myself a new one. It’s not bad, but not quite fancy enough. I tried putting some ribbon on it and wasn’t happy with it. The result looked like a quick craft project from Michaels, and I was hoping to achieve more of an illusion of actual value. We’re going for simplicity this year, folks.

Of course, it’s not Christmas without the return of Christmas Duck! I lost the little scarf he wore last year (possibly eloped with the wreath), but I think this new floral arrangement works well.

This year’s addition to the lineup (besides the new wreath) is Mr. Moosletoe. First of all, it is a moose. Wearing a garland of holly and bells. This, in itself, is fantastic. But, even more impressively, it is a pun. Therefore, it could not be left at the store. Mr. Moosletoe had to come home with me.

All right, December.

Bring it.

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