I Killed My Oven

Remember my intelligent wall oven? The one trying to speak to me in Morse code? I think I killed it.

I was tired of hearing the oven screaming at my delicious green beans, so I went to jiggle the part that I always jiggle when I need to silence the irritating alarms. I must have jiggled harder than usual, because this time the whole thing fell out into the oven, trailing ancient wires and insulation with it. The best part? The alarm was then permanently on. One frayed wire had come loose from its connector on the part, so I tried to jam it back into place with my oven-mitted hands, with little success. I couldn’t get it to stay in place, and even when I held it there, the alarm wasn’t shutting off. The shrieking wouldn’t stop until I turned the oven off – as soon as I tried switching it back on, the alarm came back, no matter what I did with those wires. It was a few minutes before I realized that I was playing around with wires that may be hot in a couple of different ways, and I gave up.
Dave made a valiant effort at fixing it, but it’s beyond our abilities. Looks like I’ll be exploring the art of microwave cookery for a while. I wonder if any appliance repair guys will know how to fix a 30+ year old oven, or if we need to consider moving up our kitchen remodeling plans.

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