Cuppy Cakes a la Momo

This isn’t a recipe. It’s a fond memory and a sweet tribute to my grandmother, Momo, who left us this past weekend after 91 rich years in this world. I’ve been working on a written tribute, because I feel it’s something I need to do, but this week has been very difficult. The words aren’t lining up right, so I turned to food, as so many people do in painful times.
These “cuppy cakes” were Momo’s specialty, as far as my siblings and I were concerned. “Cupcakes” could mean almost anything, but when someone said “Cuppy Cakes”, you knew exactly what was waiting for you. They never stood a chance of surviving overnight once they were made.
They’re just simple chocolate cupcakes, made from a box mix, with holes cut into the tops to make room for homemade, lightly sweetened whipped cream. They always lived on a shelf in her fridge because of the whipped cream filling, and we kids would try to be subtle about sneaking back over to open the fridge door for just one more… Sometimes the simplest things are really the best.
They just seemed like the right thing to make this week.

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