What Have We Done to This Place?

I’d love to give everyone another update on the new floors, but unfortunately, nothing new has happened since the end of July. Not only do we still have our old nasty carpets, we’ve still got a pile of old hallway carpet sitting on the front porch because the nice Columbia Floors folks never took it away. We’re still missing the shoe molding around the new tile by the door, and in the laundry room where it would hide the uneven edges left by the tile guy. All of this is supposed to be done by the mysterious carpet people, who keep cancelling their appointments at the very last minute (and only after we call to ask what time to expect them). Part of why it’s taking so long is because we want one specific guy to come back and finish the work, because he showed up on time and had some pride in his work, but it’s been hard to book him.
As of this post, he is scheduled for next week. Again. I guess we’re just having a hard time finding reliable contractors. We bought into the Angie’s List thing, thinking it would save us some grief, but we’ve been so disappointed with this company despite their good reviews online. Hopefully the end is almost here, and I can have my cozy new carpets in time for the cold weather.
But you know, we’ve done an awful lot to this place in the two years we’ve been here. It’s not all drama and chaos and epic failures in our quality assessment of hired professionals. I made a list of the accomplishments:
  • Painted red room, bedroom, family room, computer room
  • Removed wallpaper and painted living room, dining room, hallway
  • New curtains and rods in most rooms 
  • New vertical blinds in dining room and family room
  • Replaced porch light
  • Replaced front door and doorbell
  • Pulled up shrubs by lamppost
  • Replaced mailbox
  • New a/c and air handler
  • Added doors to family room fireplace
  • New sliding glass doors in family room
  • Hardwood floors in living and dining room
  • New vinyl tile in laundry room
  • Replaced ceiling fan in bedroom
  • Replaced doorknobs everywhere
  • Replaced fan/heater assembly in two bathrooms
  • Re-grouted shower in master bathroom
  • Updated closet door hardware in family room
  • New fridge
  • New light fixtures in computer room, red room, hallway, dining room
  • Had trees removed in backyard
  • Had trees removed in front yard (post-Irene cleanup)
  • New section of fence and gate (post Irene)
  • Tore up vines along fence
  • Repaired side fence
  • Cut down dying shrubs in back and side yards
  • Landscaping work in front yard, removing poison ivy 
  • Put hooks up along front porch for easy Christmas light installation
  • Had chimney rebuilt
  • Repaired roof leak
  • Painted outside windows
  • Put up drywall ceiling in computer room (replaced tile ceiling)
  • Replaced toilet in downstairs bedroom
There are so many things left on the to-do list, not the least of which is getting the carpet situation settled, but when I list out everything we’ve gotten done so far, I really feel that we’re making progress. Just look at all that stuff! Bit by bit, it’s all getting done, and the house looks and feels a whole lot more like we wanted it to. It feels like home.

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  1. Anonymous

    You’ve certainly done a great many things in a short amount of time, well done! It’s good to see you say it feels like home. Home is where the heart is 😉


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