My Oven is Talking to Me

I don’t know enough Morse code to know what it’s trying to communicate, but I’m pretty sure my oven is trying to speak to me.

Can anyone translate for me?
This happens every time I use the oven. As far as I can tell, something is wrong with the temperature probe wiring. It’s a very old, very small, Maytag wall oven, and I would love to rip out its guts and replace the whole thing. Unfortunately, since I want to get away from the wall-oven-and-separate-cooktop setup I currently have and put in a regular old stove, I have to wait until we redo the whole kitchen. Otherwise, I’d have to take a chainsaw to some cabinets. As much fun as that would be, I doubt the end result would be functional. Or pretty. 
I’ve done a bunch of reading, but can’t figure out how to fix it. I’ve considered finding an appliance repair guy, but with an oven this old (I can’t even find a model number anywhere), I’m doubtful that anyone will be able to find parts for it. Currently, when it beeps at me, I open the door and use an oven mitt to smack at what I think is the temperature probe. Usually, it goes quiet for a few minutes, while I beam with pride over my repair skills, but nothing is a permanent fix.
Luckily, the oven still seems to work properly and maintain the temperature I set, so I’m able to cook with it and get reliable results. That’s why I haven’t tried disconnecting the temperature probe entirely. Instead, I camp out in the kitchen the whole time the oven is on, so I can be ready to smack the probe periodically. The bright side is that I’m more likely to keep up with dishes while I’m cooking instead of waiting until after dinner, since I’m stuck in the kitchen anyway! 

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  1. RtC

    I am sure as you know would be a lot of help with the model number to find a particular issue with it.Did you check at the base of the door around the hinges or on the edge of the door for the model number? Could you take a wide shot of the oven to get an idea of what it looks like?


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