New acquisitions

Last week, I did not have these two things. I think that my life is more complete this week.

The little green guy is a crocheted version of a Brain Slug from Futurama. When I learned that my new coworker is a very adept knitter and crocheter, I showed her this pattern and asked if maybe she could teach me how to crochet sometime, maybe over some lunch breaks, so I could make one. I’ve had the page bookmarked for months, and if I could ever learn how, I was thinking of using a crocheted brain slug as a Halloween costume, or sporting one in lieu of a fez on formal night on the next nerd cruise. My coworker printed out the pattern, mumbled something about likely trouble finding the right green, then left for the weekend.
I arrived at the lab on Monday and my boss warned me that my office had “an infestation”, and I should be careful going in there. His tone suggested that it wasn’t anything that required a can of Raid, but I couldn’t think what in the world he was getting at… until I saw my new green friend sitting beside my computer monitor! I wasn’t expecting her to make me one! Now, more than ever, I need to learn to crochet. Just imagine the possibilities!
And now, the book. The massive tome (8 pounds!!) comes with a long and convoluted story involving Barnes and Noble, their horrible computer system, and a delay of over a month in getting to me, but I’ll spare you most of it. Essentially, they put it on a sale so good that it wiped out their inventory much more quickly than they expected, but their computer let people keep buying it anyway. I got emails telling me it was delayed, and then I called for more information and the computer had cancelled my order for me and not told me about it! It was worth fighting for, though, because I got this baby for $15, thanks to a friend on one of my message boards who gave us a heads-up about the sale. It’s currently on sale at for $94.50, with its original price set at $150. I wanted it the second it was released two years ago, but couldn’t justify the cost, so I am giddy about finally having my hands on it!

It’s 1200 pages worth of Simpsons episodes broken down into trivia, quotes, pictures, summaries, and character profiles. I’m a huge Simpsons fan, to an almost-embarrassing degree. I don’t have the seasons on DVD yet, but someday I’ll splurge and buy a huge boxed set. This book will tide me over until then, I suspect, because it’s going to take a while to explore. I remember getting Bart Simpson’s Guide to Life* when I was a teenager, and finding more funny bits in it each time I paged through it, and I hope this book brings me the same giggles. 
*I just read the whole Wikipedia article, and that book came out in 1993, almost twenty years ago. Oh. my. GOD. I am old. And the Simpsons is awesome to have lasted so long!

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