I made a thing!

During my lunch break at work today, I was given my very first crochet lesson. My coworker brought in the ball of neon green yarn that she used for the brain slug and said it was mine to practice on; she even gave me a crochet hook to use!
It took me a while to figure out how to grip everything, and my stitches are still uneven, but I only had fifteen minutes of training and practice! I didn’t try anything exotic – I started with a chain. Then I added a chain to my chain, and made a strip, or something. I don’t know the fancy lingo, but I made a green thing today that did not exist before I made it!
I wanted Horton to model it for the picture, but he refused. He wanted to play with the dangly ends instead. What is it with cats and string??

I will be taking a few more quick lunchtime lessons and learning how to make a round thing. And maybe a square thing. Hooray for making things!

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