May Flowers!

As promised, I’ve got some flower pictures to share.

First, the gorgeous annuals I found for the front garden:

They’re called Torenia, or “wishbone flower”, and I saw them for the first time this year when I went to a plant nursery with my mother-in-law, looking for stuff for her garden. I bought a 6-pack of mixed pink, white, and purple ones, and I want to go back and get a dozen more for the back yard, where the petunias met a premature demise. I blame bunnies.
Now for a couple of my back garden favorites, finally blooming! I have loved Oenothera (Sundrops) for years, because Mom always had some in her garden and they are so cheerful and sunny. They look like giant buttercups and they flower profusely for weeks.

The Nepalese Cinquefoil, or Potentilla, I bought because of the five-lobed leaves. I figured that even when it wasn’t flowering, it would add some visual interest to the garden. Lucky thing, too, because last year it didn’t produce a single flower. But look how wonderful it is when it decides to bloom!

I really enjoy having a pretty garden to look at, even if it’s a lot of work. Right now it’s a little eclectic and crowded, because I haven’t been sure where to put what, but I hope that within the next couple of years, I’ll have an established family of perennials in their permanent homes.

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