Thing a Day 2012, tiny envelopes

I love the excuse to hang out and make stuff. I think if I didn’t have a job and laundry to worry about, I’d waste a ton of time on crafty things, because it’s fun and the results are usually worth it. And if they’re not, they’re at least something to learn from for the next time.

Thanks to the popular time-sucking website, Pinterest, I have a whole pile of crafts I want to try, and one of them was making tiny gift-card envelopes out of pretty paper. This one did not necessitate a trip to Michael’s, because I have some wrapping paper and scrapbook paper, and plenty of glue, making this a very cheap activity!

While I was able to find free envelope templates online, my printer refused to print, so I was stuck making my own by tracing a gift card and trying to copy the template off my computer screen. Here’s my result:

I traced it onto cardboard to make it easier to use, and then I cut my shape out of a page of pretty scrapbook paper, folded it up, and stuck it together after swiping a glue stick across the essential parts.

I tested it with a gift card, and it’s a little tight – I can get the card in, but can barely get it back out, so the recipient will need to rip the envelope. That’s fine with me, since it’s not meant to be a keepsake or anything, but I’ll probably remake my template and give it a little more space before I try making any more. I don’t want people to have to wrestle with their presents!

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