Save your mushrooms!

With the use-it-up pantry challenge in full swing among my internet friends, some interesting and creative meals are coming together, and some people are sharing incredibly useful tips to help keep stuff from going bad.

One I used this weekend: I had half a package of mushrooms languishing in my fridge and my meal plan for the weekend consisted of going out to restaurants. Normally, I’d write them off as a loss and get over it, but thanks to some people who are smarter than me, I had another option.

If you have mushrooms that are going to go bad before you can use them, cut them up and saute them in some butter or oil, and then freeze them. They’ll be great in a sauce some other time! I added some onion to the mix because I had some of that around too, and one night in the next week or so I will thaw them and add them to a pan gravy to go over some chicken.

Rescuing mushrooms from a sad fate in the trash can = awesome!

One thought on “Save your mushrooms!

  1. Natasha

    I suspect if your mushrooms are going bad that you are actually not storing them optimally.

    I typically buy mushrooms loose, but this works even if you buy them in the styrofoam package with plastic wrap. Once you get them home, dump them into a paper lunch sack, and roll the sack up so they don’t spill out.

    The mushrooms will last quite a long time like this. They might look like they are going off, because they CAN get a little dessicated, but they’re fine. That, generally, just means the flavor is more concentrated.


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