Mojo Update

Something’s still up with Mojo.

He’s acting mostly normal, maybe just chatting a little more than average, but something’s off. He’s still peeing on things, although it’s gotten better since I’ve started being really careful about leaving things on the floor or on chairs. He’s gone back to licking his paws raw, just when the fur was starting to grow back. He also suddenly started liking canned cat food, but only the salmon variety so far. He pushed Horton away and gorged on it last week, surprising me – he never ever eats anything other than his cheap kibble, because he always sniffs new food and walks away without registering it as something he should eat. We’ve tried canned food before, and we tried switching everyone over to expensive cat kibble when Horton started having urinary issues, but Mojo refused to eat it. So the fact that he’s suddenly open to new foods concerns me a little. Maybe the tooth decay makes it hard to eat the kibble? But I’ve also seen him eating his kibble this week, so maybe not.

We’ve got an appointment at the vet early next week, to bring him in for Xrays and a tooth cleaning. We’ll have to leave him there all day, poor little guy, because they need to sedate him and then keep an eye on him while he recovers.

I wish cats could talk so I could ask him what’s wrong and where it hurts, so we can help him feel better.

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