Mojo Update part 2

Mojo handled his day-long trip to the vet like a champ. He was a little dizzy and stoned from the anesthesia they used to keep him still for the procedures, but he was back to eating and meowing and demanding a spot on my lap that night.

We got good news and bad news. The good news is, nothing is wrong with him. The bad news is, nothing is wrong with him. The Xrays didn’t show any blockages, stones, tumors, or other issues with his urinary tract, so there’s no good reason for him to be peeing everywhere. The paws don’t seem to have any sort of rash or irritation on them, so there’s no good reason for him to be licking them furless. There is absolutely no physical, medical reason for him to be acting like he is.

And I’m delighted, really, because it means that Mojo is fine and doesn’t need surgery for bladder stones, and he’s not blocked up and in pain from a tumor somewhere. I am very relieved to find out he’s healthy.

The flip side of the news, though, is that he’s peeing on things and licking his paws off for reasons nobody can understand. Did we upset him somehow? Why is he so anxious and intent on peeing on any shopping bag I leave on the floor for more than a minute? Why does he groom his paws until he’s pulling his fluff off?

The vet recommended some medication to ease Mojo’s anxiety, so we got a prescription (filled at the human drugstore) for amitryptiline, a tricyclic antidepressant that’s used a lot as an antianxiety medication. It’s not too expensive, which is a relief. We’ve only been giving it to him for three days so far, and I can’t say that he’s doing anything differently yet. He still licks his paws a lot, and we try to stop him when we notice it, but he’s acting exactly the same. He hasn’t peed on anything since his vet visit, as far as we know, but I’ve been a lot more careful about leaving pee-on-able things around. Maybe I’ll give it a week and then give him a test – a canvas shopping bag on the floor in the foyer.

I’m keeping a close eye on him for side effects. Lethargy, changes in appetite, and loss of coordination are all reported problems in cats taking this medication. Can someone please tell me how to note “lethargy” in a cat who sleeps 20 hours a day?

One thought on “Mojo Update part 2

  1. Annie

    Oh, you’ll notice lethargy easily, he won’t bother you anymore, you’ll start wondering if he accidently was let out of the house and is stuck outside… my lethargic cat started sleeping on the bath rug, something he’d never done before…


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