Out of Commission

Hurricane Irene whipped through Maryland this weekend, and our place, like so many others in the area, is still without electricity or phone service. A huge pine tree uprooted and hit the house in the middle of the night when the winds were at their worst, glancing off without inflicting too much damage except for where it tore off the gutters and ripped the electrical wires right out of the wall. There are some dents in the roof, some interesting curves in the siding, and a whole lot of tree in the side yard, but there doesn’t seem to be any major structural damage. At least we’ve made the neighborhood smell piney fresh.

BGE is taking forever to get around to us and our downed wires, which surprises me considering we have electrical wires on the ground. No, they’re not live, but if a BGE tech switches the neighborhood back on before they get our wires fixed, we could start a fire. I seriously hope the line crews are all talking to each other and can get this done right, and quickly. The latest we got from them was a reassuring “we hope to have most areas restored by Friday“. Thank goodness we have generous neighbors and family who are letting us use their freezers and showers. We were able to save most of our frozen food by getting it into my brother-in-law’s spare freezer, but the fridge food couldn’t be salvaged. Our insurance will cover the cost of replacing it, but I hate having to throw out brand new, unopened food. What a waste.

I’ll have some pictures up soon, with a more detailed account of the Irene adventure.

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