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The Book of Awesome
by Neil Pasricha

I read a lot of odd blogs. Some of them are nerdy and full of graphs, some of them are about disastrous cakes, cats with poor English skills, or people questionably dressed at WalMart.

I’m not sure when or how I stumbled onto, but I did, and my life is better for it. This guy uses his online existence to celebrate all the little things that make life awseome. It’s so easy to pick out all the irritating things in your day, and so easy to overlook the small moments of awesome, so I’m glad this guy has decided to remind us about just how many things out there can make you smile if you take the time to notice them.

This book is pretty much the blog in print form – dozens of one-or-two-page mini-essays about individual awesome things.

Like being home sick from school (or work) and watching The Price is Right. Peeling an orange in one long strip. Hitting all the green lights in a row. Finding there’s just enough milk left for your cereal. All little, silly things, but they’re like little presents and they can really make you feel awesome.

I was reading it at work, and as usual, my nosy coworkers asked what I was reading. Usually my answer leaves them shaking their heads and thinking I’m a dork, but this book got them all interested. “What kind of awesome things?” they asked. And so we talked about our own little moments of awesome, which in itself made for a moment of awesome. Very meta.

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