Lessons in cleaning

My house has been in a much messier state than I’m comfortable with, but we’ve both been working longer hours than normal and our past couple of weekends have been busy with outdoor jobs, so I’m trying to give us a little slack. With all the undone housework building up and starting to annoy me, I finally snapped this weekend and got into a mild cleaning frenzy. Sadly, even with the frenzy, which you would think would help push me to get it all done, there’s still a bunch left to do. I think we bought more house than we can handle, but hey, I’m still learning. At least I’m keeping us supplied with clean dishes to eat off of, and clean clothes to wear, even if we have to grab them out of the dryer because I forget to fold them and put them away.

I scrubbing-bubbled the tub and shower, scoured out the toilet with the teflon-laced blue goo, and wiped down all the counters and mirrors. One of the sinks was draining slowly, so I pulled out the stopper thing and cleaned all the soap scum off of it, but even with the stopper completely out it wasn’t draining well. So I got the plunger. Anyone who is smarter than me or has tried this before can start laughing now.

I lined the plunger up with the drain in the slowly-swirling water, steadied myself, and plunged one short and powerful plunge. One, because that’s all it took to get a jet of nasty black soap-scummy water shooting out of the overflow valve, covering the counter, the mirror, and parts of myself with icky, slimy, gunk. I am very glad there was nobody around to see the look on my face when it happened.

Good news: the sink is draining fine now.

3 thoughts on “Lessons in cleaning

  1. RtC

    HA! No one trained you in the art of blocking the overflow when plunging a drain eh.. sigh.. what do they teach you on the south shore?

  2. Antijen

    AFTER I made the mess, I remembered something about overflows and blocking them. I knew that… I just forgot about knowing that.


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