I got jam in the mail this week! How cool is that?

There was a giveaway on my pal Tasha’s blog, and I won homemade jam! A jar of 3-berry jam and a jar of blueberry-lime jam arrived this week in a shredded-paper-filled box which the cats have adopted as a new nap space.

Seeing those cute little jars really makes me want to learn canning. Not just for jam, but for sauces and soups and all sorts of things. I have a finite amount of freezer space and it would be great to be able to have shelves full of tasty homemade things I could pop open when I needed them. The trick is avoiding botulism.

Anyways, back to my jam review.

It was awesome. I was sad that I didn’t have any english muffins handy to slather with tasty jam, but the week-old multigrain bread toasted up pretty well and I jammed the heck out of it, over a thin slick of butter, and it was so, so, so good. I opted to start with the blueberry-lime – a little more limey than I expected, and also not as tart as I expected. Not sure how both of those things managed to be true, but there you have it. The jam will not last, because it will be devoured. And I really need to buy english muffins.

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