First Tomato!

Well, even if it’s the only one I get, I suppose this means I can call my attempt at vegetable gardening at least a minor success. I went out to check on my plants this morning, hoping they weathered last night’s storms without too much damage, and I saw red! And not the kind that means I was angry!

Aww, look, he’s blushing!

So I picked him, because I was so excited about his not being green anymore and I decided that blushing tomatoes belonged in the kitchen.

In hindsight, perhaps I should have left him there to set an example for his peers, because he’s the only one out of several dozen cherry tomatoes and half a dozen big tomatoes that has shown any indication that they want to ripen and be eaten. Precocious little guy. I will reward him by having him for dinner and delighting in his deliciousness.

This used to be a seed! And I helped make it into a tomato!

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