Backyard frog sanctuary

It ain’t easy being green, but several dozen little frogs are making it work and hanging out every night in our backyard by the water-filled pool cover. One of them surprised me by using his little suction-cup froggy toes to climb the sliding glass door.

Isn’t he adorable? I stood there squeeing over the little dude for a good five minutes, and he just sat patiently. He was quiet, but his buddies out in the yard were making a racket – it’s amazing how much sound can come out of such a tiny creature. I should try and record the frog symphony one night and share it with you.

I desperately want pet frogs now, except that Dave reminded me I’d need to be feeding them live bugs, and that’s just not going to happen. I’ll have to be satisfied with our backyard amphibian wildlife refuge. Last year we had tadpoles in the murky pool-cover water, but this year we haven’t seen any, probably because we’re trying to drain it regularly, mostly to keep mosquitoes from breeding there. My legs can attest to the fact that we’re not doing much to hurt mosquito population growth. Maybe we need to attract more frogs so they can eat more mosquitoes. Do frogs eat mosquitoes?

2 thoughts on “Backyard frog sanctuary

  1. Annie

    Bats love mosquitoes, all you have to do is hang a few bat houses around the yard and you’ll be mosquito reduced = )


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