Wine country – the loot

After a mere two winery visits, it became apparent that we weren’t going to manage to visit California’s wine country without bringing any bottles back home, so we bought a big shipping box designed for wine bottles, and started filling it up. We had to be discerning, since we only had 12 spots in the box (and because a lot of the wines were expensive), so each wine tasting then became a complicated evaluation not only of whether the wine was good, but whether it was good enough to take up a spot in our box.

“Mmm, this one is great!”
“Yes, but is it spot-number-eight great?”

In the end we brought home ten bottles (and gave one away as a gift), along with some mustards and a caramel sauce from one of the places. These were all wonderful wines and earned their ride home with us. It’s a little ridiculous that we brought so many home, because we still haven’t opened all of the bottles we bought on our honeymoon in Virginia last year. We’re not heavy drinkers, but we like wine – unfortunately, because it’s “special” wine, we keep “saving” it for special occasions, and the bottles are piling up.

We’ll have to have a wine-tasting party.

4 thoughts on “Wine country – the loot

  1. Anonymous

    Enjoy it while it’s at it’s best. Not all wines get better with age and it would be a shame to have so much wine vinegar! Pick a special date and have a bottle a month… there’s a thought.

  2. Natasha

    Anon’s totally right, especially if you don’t have your stuff in a temperature controlled space.

    I’m in a similar boat, and I’ve just stopped buying wine (for the most part), until I get some of this consumed.

    You at least have a wine rack?

  3. Antijen

    We do have a wine rack with room for 20 bottles, but you’re right about the temperature control. Don’t worry, we won’t let them sit there too long.


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