Garden update – green beans!

I transplanted the tomato plants into the garden today and I’m praying that the yard bunnies don’t like salads of tomato leaves for lunch. I haven’t caged the plants yet because they’re still small, and the cherry tomato plant isn’t supposed to get very tall, according to the seed package. One of the plants has a tiny yellow flower, so I think I might be doing something right. Hopefully getting them into the ground will help them grow better.

I started spreading out the green bean plants into separate planters on the deck to give them more room to grow, and I was surprised to see that there are teeny tiny green beans growing on them! It seems awfully early to me, and maybe they grow very slowly, but it’s barely June and I wasn’t expecting to see anything for a while.

But there they are, teeny little beans, ready to grow up and be eaten. I can’t wait!

My herb garden is doing great too, with the basil starting to flower and the sage and oregano growing out of control. I’m going to chop some of those up in the next week to use in recipes! Sadly, I only have three chives, not even enough for one measly baked potato, so I don’t think I’ll bother trying those again next year unless I buy them as plants instead of seeds.

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  1. Anonymous

    I suggest you tie up your tomato plants using cotton string and a metal hanger. A strong wind/rain can break the stem. Just a thought…


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