First harvest – green beans!

I am totally stoked about the fact that I can tag this post with both “garden” and “dinner”.

I love green beans, and I was so excited to try growing some on my deck. I am delighted to report that the teeny things from last week are now all grown up and ready to eat! They look delicious and I can’t wait to roast them up in the oven with a little salt and devour them tonight.

Picking them was easy, and I hope I managed to leave the plant unscathed so it can keep making me beans. The ones I picked are all about as long as my fingers and a little fatter than a pencil. I had forgotten how fresh-off-the-plant green beans have that weird fuzzy Velcro feeling to them.

I think I picked them at the appropriate time. My taste-test tonight will tell me if I was right. Everything I read online said to pick them just before they start to bulge, but, not having a time machine, I can’t anticipate their bulginess before they achieve that state, so I waited until they looked enough like the ones I buy at the store, and then picked them. The best part is, because the plants have more tiny beans on them, I’ll get more beans next week too! I wonder how much these things produce over a summer?

It’s cool to be eating something I grew myself, even if these little guys weren’t grown from seeds. I paid $1.50 for 6 tiny bean plants, plus some money for fancy dirt for them to grow in, and I’m planning on weighing the useful yield of beans, to see how much money I’m saving versus buying them at the store.

My tomato plants have flowers, but no baby tomatoes yet. I will post photos of tomato babies as soon as they arrive!

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