Year in review… so far…

It’s a rainy, slow sort of day, and there will be no gardening for me in this weather, so I’ll stay inside and comfy and maybe try to bake something this afternoon. But I was thinking a little and realized it’s already April and the year is whooshing by at alarming speed. Maybe it’s time to stop and have a look at the first part of the year, and what I’ve accomplished.

How have I done with my 30 in 30 list so far?

Learn to hem pants and sew on buttons.
I sewed some hems but they didn’t stay very secure. I need more practice. I haven’t had any buttons fall off of anything yet, so I haven’t tried those. Maybe I’ll try sewing them onto scraps of fabric, just to learn.

Figure out how to French braid my hair.
I chopped a lot of my hair off last month, so that one will probably not happen this year.

Start my retirement savings.
My employer changed retirement plan people, and there are meetings about it next week, so I’ll be starting that before the summer for sure.

Paint the red room yellow.
Done. Needs a second coat, but we’re now calling it the “yellow room”.

Plant a tree in the yard.
A lilac is technically a shrub, but I put one in last week.

Drive on 95.
I managed 97… got to Annapolis all by myself to have dinner with the ladies from work and it was worth it.

Get my body into good enough shape to start growing a baby in it. This includes the loss of 20 pounds, but is mostly about feeling healthier.
HA! Yeah, not making a whole lot of progress on this one. I’m cooking more and eating more veggies, but I need to move more. A LOT more.

Related to #9 – Find a GYN and stop stalling about it!

Blog at least once a week – and blog about everything I accomplish off the list!
I’m blogging often but I guess I didn’t blog about all my accomplishments. But then again, who wants to hear about my haircut or GYN appointments?

Get a filing system set up so I stop having to hunt for all my important paperwork.
We’ve been shopping for filing cabinets on Craigslist recently, and I’m trying to go through our paper piles more often to toss the junk, but the filing system isn’t set up yet.

Speak up for myself at my annual review at work and tell them I’m awesome.
Done. I managed to get “exceeds expectations” or whatever the equivalent is. Because I’m awesome. I was a bit upset that I was told I seem to get overwhelmed a lot. Um, hello? Have you seen my workload and how I’m mostly doing it all alone? But it doesn’t matter, I passed and if there’s money in the hospital budget for raises this year I’ll probably get something!

Read 50 books, or about one a week, this year.
On my way to that number. I’ve got a few in the queue for book review blog entries, but it’s hard to find the time. Those take a while!

Participate in Thing-a-day in February.
Made it about halfway. But I had fun.

Go through all our STUFF and have a yard sale to get rid of what we don’t need (or give it to charity). I want to keep what we need, and what matters.
I have piles of stuff in boxes! There will be a community yard sale this spring and I’m so excited to get rid of some of it! There will also be a dumpster around that weekend to get rid of what nobody will buy (but I’ll try Goodwill first).

Go on a wonderful anniversary trip with my husband.
California bound, really soon! Can’t wait!

Drink 8 cups of water EVERY DAY.
I was doing great until about a month ago when I started feeling grossed out every time I tried drinking straight water, and turned off by artificial sweeteners like in Crystal Light. I need to buy lemons and try using those to make water more appealing. Water sucks.

Do one of the FlyLady challenges weekly.
Nope. I shined my sink for about a week, and then other stuff got in the way. I’ll keep trying.

Try to relax and be less critical of myself (and others).
Am I better at this yet? I’m not sure.

Celebrate getting my green card with a party or fancy night out.

Wear my face moisturizer with SPF so I don’t get wrinkly.
I’m at about a 50% compliance rate.

Cook things from the family cookbook Mom gave me.
I’ve made 2 or 3 so far.

  • Take a yoga class.
  • Make homemade pasta from scratch.
  • Bake homemade bread from scratch. The real stuff. With yeast!
  • Learn how to identify different trees by their leaves/needles/bark/whatever. I used to know this and forgot everything, so I’m going to read up on it and put it back in my head.
  • Learn to change a tire.
  • See the night sky from somewhere dark enough that I can see the stripe of the Milky Way.
  • Find out how to get tuition reimbursement from work, and then apply for an online class.
  • Write. More than just blogs. Start a writing notebook, fill it up, get another.
  • Visit the Museum of American History and see every part of it (and read as much as I can handle of the info posted beside everything). I’ve been but the visit was so hurried and I need to go back.
Still on the “to do” list.

Not bad for 3 months, I think. Plenty of time left to try and get to the rest of it. And I’ve done other stuff during this time that wasn’t on my list, too, like unpacking more boxes, assembling furniture, planting a garden and trying to grow tomatoes… so far, it’s a good year.

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