What a weekend!

First, we saw a bear at the mall.

Then we went to Bethesda to meet my aunt and uncle for the big annual book sale at Stone Ridge school. When I say a big book sale, I mean it… it’s two gymnasiums stuffed to the gills with books of all kinds. It’s so big, they give you a map on your way in and they have separate tables for psychology, philosophy and sociology. Full tables. It’s impressive. We’ve gone every year for the four years I’ve been living here, and it’s always worth it, especially when you can dedicate a couple of hours to shuffling through all the titles to find ones you want to bring home. We hauled back two big tote bags full for a little over $50. Not one book over $3.50, and that one was a huge hardcover in perfect condition.

Expect some book reviews in the next little while!

Today was all about paint shopping, because Sherwin-Williams was having a 40% off sale and we have a whole lot of painting to do. We bought a total of 5 gallons to do the living room and dining room, and I’m excited to get started. I’m so tired of all the blue! Since we don’t have the money to get the blue carpets replaced yet, we’ll make things better by un-blue-ing the walls, at least. First, the wallpaper on the bottom half of the walls will have to go, so I’ll be spending the odd hour or two starting to pick at it, hopefully getting to the painting in a couple of weeks. Here’s the before picture:

The trim work is going to be hell, because of the bay window, the built-in shelves, and the weird flowerbox-like thing we have by the front door, not to mention that we have crown molding, floorboards and baseboard heaters, and a chair rail to paint. It’s going to be a while before you get an “after” picture!

Lastly, we did some yardwork since it was so nice and warm out. I got some stuff planted in the garden and Dave ripped out the first of many unsightly shrubs in the backyard. I’ll get all those details up in a new post, hopefully tomorrow!

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