April Fool’s Day

I managed to prank a coworker yesterday, but it was pretty tame as far as April Fool’s pranks go. I chose the one guy I have a jokingly antagonistic relationship with because I figured he’d be most likely to find it funny and least likely to retaliate or get me in trouble.

I took all the pens out of his lab coat and unscrewed them to take out the ink cartridge part, and then put them back together. They still looked and felt like normal pens but clicking the end wouldn’t get the tip out to write with. Then I swapped out the extra-large gloves he always keeps in his pocket for a handful of extra-small ones, since they’re the same color and the switch wouldn’t be obvious right away. Then, the decoy prank, where I tied a knot in the sleeve of his lab coat. Because the best ones are the pranks you think are simple but end up having layers. Someone else wanted me to fill his lab coat pockets with lotion, but I thought that was a little much, not to mention incredibly messy!

The online jokes were a little sub-par this year, although I did enjoy going to YouTube’s 1996 page and watching a “brand new” episode of the X-files. Ah, 1996. I’m so old.

Anybody get pranked this time around? Or pull off a good one yourself?

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