No, nobody peed on our walls. We finally finished priming the red room – it only took two coats with that high-hiding primer stuff – and we’ve moved on to choosing a paint color. We know we want yellow, but there is a lot of variation in the “yellow” category, and things can go banana or Big Bird pretty quickly.

The one on the left is Canary, which turned out retina-searingly bright. So that one’s a no. And the one on the right is Natural Straw, which ended up a lot more brown on the wall than on the sample card. I want a pale, not-bright yellow for those walls, something sunny and happy. I’m planning on setting up my new (as yet unused) sewing machine in there and making it into a crafts and stuff room. It has a door I can close to keep the cats out, which is a huge plus!

Going through the pile of sample cards we brought home and taking into account the fact that one we liked was too bright and one was too brown, we think we’ve found a new contender. So, back to Home Depot (or was it Lowes? Who has Behr paint?) for another tiny sample jar so we can see how it looks before we commit to it. Hopefully, updates and a yellow room by the end of the weekend!

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