What’s for Dinner – Breaded Sage Pork Chops

I’m sure there are a million wonderful ways to cook pork chops, but they’re still sort of a mystery to me, which is why we don’t eat them often. Besides the cranberry orange pork chop recipe, I’ve got nothing to work with. But this week, pork chops were on sale, and they looked pretty good, so I picked up a big family-size package, and then I had to figure something out.

I got a bowl of breadcrumbs ready, and mixed in some salt, pepper, and powdered sage. About half a teaspoon powdered sage in 3/4 cup of breadcrumbs. I salted and peppered the pork chops, both sides. I scrambled an egg in another bowl, then I dunked the pork chops in the egg and pressed them into the breadcrumbs, making sure they were really well coated. I put a mix of oil and butter in a pan and got it really hot, then put the chops in for about 5 minutes a side. They were pretty thick. I used a meat thermometer to check for doneness, because I don’t trust timing and I don’t like to cut them open. When I took them out of the pan, I added another tablespoon of butter and a couple of shakes of the powdered sage, and then a tablespoon of light cream. I whisked that around until it was frothy and brown and then I topped the chops with it. It didn’t give much “gravy” but I didn’t want it to – I just wanted a little drizzle, and this was enough.

They were really tasty!

Lessons learned: Sage tastes really good with pork chops. Egg makes breadcrumbs stay on really well. Oil + butter gives a better result than either one by itself.

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