More stuff growing in the yard!

We have progressed to the “daffodil” stage of spring!

The ones by the house started to flower last week, and I was happy to see that a few bulbs also survived under the pines on the side of the yard. I planted a bunch there before we had the landscaping guys come in to clear the poison ivy and overgrown mess, and they dug up the whole area – I wasn’t expecting to see any yellow flowers at all, but half a dozen made it through the ordeal. That’s a shady and useless area of the yard, so I’m going to add more daffodils for next spring, and possibly some lily-of-the-valley… but that gets pretty invasive, so I’m hesitating. Grass won’t grow there because of the pine needles, and I don’t want it to be just brown dirt and dead needles all year, so I’m hoping to find some good ground cover plants to make it look more pleasant. Any ideas from the peanut gallery? This is what the side of the yard looks like:
As the guys were clearing stuff out in the fall, I noticed that there were big rhododendrons between the trees, and I marked them off with tape so they wouldn’t get overzealous with their purge and rip them out. They seem to have buds on them, so I’m hoping they pop into flower this spring. We’ve never really seen the house in early spring, so I don’t know what colors to expect from the various flowering shrubs. I wonder how long the poor things were choked off by the ivy and low pine branches? I’ll give them a good shot of Miracle-Gro once it gets a little warmer – they deserve it. The azaleas will get some too, because they’re in pretty bad shape.

Tulips are coming along nicely:

I threw out the bag the bulbs came in, and I already forget what color tulips I planted. I think they were a purple and white mix, but I can’t be sure. Maybe Mom remembers. Either way it looks like there will be a whole mess of tulips in the backyard in a few weeks! Hooray!

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