Bird Feeder

Wanting both to see pretty birds in the garden, and to torment the kitties by having pretty birds congregating just out of their reach, I bought a bird feeder. I stayed cheap because I didn’t want to make a huge investment – I got a small suet feeder and a block of suet/nuts/berries to put inside it. “Songbird mix”, I believe it said. I also bought a small shepherd’s hook to plant in the ground, because there’s nothing suitable in that area from which to hang a bird feeder.

It looked cute, but no birds were attracted to it the first day. I suppose it takes an adventurous bird to investigate a new food source and bring back news to his friends, and the explorers were otherwise occupied that day. And then it poured the next day, keeping every living critter huddled in its shelter. Including me. This morning, I woke up to find my feeder had been vandalized. Not surprising, really, but disappointing.

At least my total investment was under $20. Those squirrels will do some serious acrobatics to get at bird feeders, but I can’t afford those neat motorized ones that spin the squirrel off into space. Maybe I’ll look for a plastic feeder I can stick to the window with suction cups, instead, and hope that the local squirrels don’t have rocket packs.

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