Thing 1

I took some time this morning while drinking my coffee and watching the weather channel (depressing today) to make my first “thing” for Thing-A-Day.

A Valentine for my Grandmaman. I’m safe posting it here because she doesn’t use the computer at all, so the surprise won’t be ruined, as long as my Mom and my aunts don’t say anything!

I used a pre-made card from Michael’s, and some scrapbook stuff and stickers I picked up here and there. I think I need to get a hot glue gun for future projects, because I’m not convinced my glue stick is going to keep things stuck. Inside the card I stamped “love you” in purple ink – it’s how we sign off all our phone conversations. Never I love you, just “love you”. Not sure she’ll get it, but I think it’s cute.

So, nothing earth-shatteringly fabulous emerging from my creative side, but it’s pretty and I made it happen, which is the whole point of this exercise.

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