Falling behind, but here are some Things

Apologies to my readers – this week has been kicking my ass. I’ve been overwhelmingly tired and it’s hard to get myself motivated to do anything beyond dragging myself to work and remembering to eat. I fell a couple of days behind with my “things” but I’m trying to catch up. I cheated again and made food as a thing, and that will get its own entry since I want to talk about the cooking.

Thing 17 is not an egg. Because it’s a sphere. So there. I found a round blank cardboard ornament and painted and decoupaged it as though it were one of my eggs. It’s much harder to paint something that doesn’t have a flat surface to rest on, so I ended up with very painted fingers. Luckily that stuff washes off easily as long as you get to it quickly. I hung it from a hook to dry, did two coats, and then stuck some butterflies on. I wish I had more little butterflies, because it seems a little empty. I’ll hold off on varnishing this one just in case I find more.

Thing 18 is an oval wooden box I found at Goodwill. I thought it would make a good box to carry around my garden stuff in the spring and summer when I start planting and weeding. I painted it a ridiculous red to make it cheerful and easy to spot in the grass when I put it down. I’ll be adding a handle once I figure out the best way to do that.
I worked on another thing this weekend, but it’s going to stay a secret for a while. For quite a while, unfortunately – a couple of months. But I’ll write up the post and keep it in storage so I can share it with you once I’m allowed to.

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