Bizarro cats

I was minding my own business a few nights ago, washing some dishes in the kitchen, when I saw Mojo sitting outside on the patio, looking through the sliding glass door. I was startled and confused.

OMG how did he get out??
Wait, it’s his reflection, stupid.
But he’s not in front of the window, he’s on the couch.

And then my brain melted.

Turns out we have a stray who likes to visit the backyard. After getting a better look at him, he most definitely isn’t Mojo – he’s scruffy and not in fantastic shape, making me think he’s a definite stray, not a wandering pet. But his markings were sufficiently Mojo-like that I was completely terrified, for about 5 seconds, that Mojo had gotten outside somehow.

I have decided his name is Jomo, because he’s bizarro Mojo. The man said it should be Ojom if we’re doing it properly, but I poked him and said mine’s better, so I win. I hope I get a chance to get a picture of him, so I can post it with a picture of Mojo for comparison.

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