Trip to Montreal

Of course the day we planned to drive up to Montreal (no airport porno-scanners for us, thankyouverymuch) was the day the big Nor’Easter was supposed to hit, dumping a ton of snow from the Carolinas to the Maritimes. We left early enough to miss all but a few flakes, and the storm stayed more coastal, so we were spared the horror of a dark blizzard drive through the mountains. Hooray! I think Dave may have been a little disappointed that we couldn’t test out the new snow tires, but a safe drive was the main point. And then I forgot to call my dad and grandma when I got there safely, resulting in some minor panic attacks for which I sincerely apologize!
I learned some things on the drive.

First, always check if you have your iPod and iPod charger/FM transmitter before you leave the house. Luckily we had a few CDs and were near cities enough to pick up some radio stations, because a silent 10-hour drive would have been hard.

Frozen waterfalls are the most gorgeous thing ever. Every time we drove through a spot where rock was blasted away for the road, I saw these pretty frozen shapes on the rock surface, and I was mesmerized. I tried to take a picture but things get blurry at 65mph, so this is the best I could do:They’re much more gorgeous in reality; you’ll just have to trust me, or go for a drive somewhere cold and see for yourself. Some of them were blue like icebergs or glaciers! Actually, now I want to go see some icebergs and glaciers. Which is bizarre, because I hate being cold. Are there any warm glaciers I can visit?

I also learned that some graffiti can be inspirational. Thanks to whoever wrote “It can always get better” on an overpass, because it made me smile. I hope you didn’t get charged with vandalism for your contribution to the world’s well-being.

We also passed my favorite road sign ever. I giggle every time we pass it.Delicious irony!

After a long day of driving, with only a couple of food stops and a stretch break or two, we got to Mom’s place and were welcomed by a second Christmas.

And by this wonderful ball of fluff.

And by my Mom and my wonderful dork of a brother.
All so completely worth it.

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