Immigration Interview – The Interview!

Anticlimactic, really. We left incredibly early, just in case we hit any traffic, because we were told that the worst sin you can commit in the green card process is showing up late to the interview. Much like bringing an umbrella to work guarantees clear skies, waking up at 6am guaranteed that of course we’d have the smoothest time ever getting there, which meant that we spent over 20 minutes sitting in the car in a parking garage because we were too early and weren’t sure what time the building opened.

After the airport-style security checkpoint at the door to the federal building (except that we got to keep our shoes on), we headed to Room 103 to wait for my name to be called. There were two immigration-related waiting rooms, with applicants split pretty evenly between the two. I must say, as nervous as I was, I was very glad they didn’t direct me to Room 101. Extra points to anyone who gets the reference.

The woman who did our interview was young and friendly and in a cheerful mood, and it was all much easier than I thought it would be. A few questions about our families, where we met, that sort of thing, and then she went through the photos, asking about them, and commenting on how awesome it was that we’d traveled so much. She also exclaimed over the quality of our photo books and asked where we got them made (Snapfish), and asked where we got married because the place was so pretty. We also got a “Oooh, was that at the Ren Fest?” out of her as she flipped through the albums. Not that she wasn’t totally professional through the whole thing – she just made us feel a lot less nervous and I’m very grateful that she was the one who picked up our file today.

At the end of the interview, she said that as far as she was concerned, everything was in order and they shouldn’t need anything else to approve me, but someone else needed to look over the file first before anything can be done. So I have to wait, again. If any documentation is missing, I’ll get a letter within a couple of days asking me to bring it in, and if everything is fine, I’ll get a letter in a few weeks saying my green card is on its way.

Almost there. Almost permanent.

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