Green Card Update!

My husband got a very official-looking letter in the mail yesterday, with a big blue government seal stamped on it and everything. Considering the return address read “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services”, I flew through the kitchen, poked him in the chest with it, and begged him to open it immediately while I jumped up and down in very unladylike excitement.

The letter inside says that his petition to let his foreign wife stay in this country as a permanent resident has been approved!

So the green card is on its way and I can resume normal breathing. I’m so happy to be done with paperwork for a while! The entire process only took 5 months, which is astounding, considering that most of the stories I read online about other immigrants’ experiences said it took forever to get through it all. We had some help filing the paperwork and we made very sure to do everything by the book, from my initial work visa and subsequent renewals at the border, to my “advance parole” document so I could visit home, to the final adjustment of status. I think that helped speed everything up, but I also think we got very lucky and hit a period of quick processing times. I will take small miracles as they occur and thank the stars for them.

I get to stay. I’m so glad.

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