Tackling some book reviews

I’m not a professional book reviewer. I want to make that very clear from the start – I have no idea how to really review a book other than to talk about it and tell you if I liked it. When I read “real” book reviews in any publication classier than People magazine, they seem art-critic-y to me, using a set selection of big words (why are all novels compelling?) and talking about the author’s incredible insight. I’m too old for book reports and I’m not going to start dissecting novels for hidden meaning in metaphor or anything fancy like that, unless I get really carried away.

But I read a lot. Can’t help myself. I am always carrying a book around, resulting in my buying purses based on their ability to fit a decent book in their compartments. Not just a paperback, either! I’m talking thick nonfiction hardcovers, the kind that could take out a mugger if I swing it right.

Given that I read a lot, I find myself enjoying a lot of books and wanting to share them with people. And I read a lot of odd nonfiction books that people wouldn’t necessarily jump on at a bookstore, and when I love them I want to help other people discover them. So, I will begin putting book reviews on my blog, by popular request. Only one person has requested it, but she’s popular, so it counts.

I’ll get started on some reviews this weekend, because I have two books to talk about already.

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