Lemon Sugar Cookies

I signed on for the cookie exchange at work this year, and while I first had crazy dreams of complicated fancy cookies, I ended up being realistic about my time, energy, and skills, and went with lemon sugar cookies. I used the Food Network recipe for Lemon Volcano Cookies, but tweaked it a little by adding a half teaspoon of lemon essence to the cookies, and upping the lemon zest content by a pinch or two because a teaspoon seemed like nowhere near enough. Oops, upon reviewing that recipe it appears I also missed the vanilla completely. Well, no matter, they turned out great anyway. The only real hiccup in the process was the lemon sugar – after refrigerating the cookie dough and trying to cut it into slices, the lemon sugar was falling off, so they didn’t keep that nice lemon-sugar “crust” like in the Food Network photo. I didn’t pulse the zest and sugar in a food processor as instructed, I just smooshed it all together with a fork, so maybe that’s my problem.

I did remember to use my KitchenAid mixer this time! Cookies are so much easier when I’ve got that thing doing all the hard work!

In return for giving my coworkers batches of these lemon cookies, I got snickerdoodles, flourless peanut butter cookies, cherry almond cookies, and adorable little sandwich cookies with a chocolate filling. Like tiny, tiny, Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies. Mmmm.

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