So it turns out our house was insulated by monkeys.

By which I mean that the people installing the insulation did so with a similar level of skill as would be expected from a group of monkeys given the appropriate materials and let loose in the attic, not that we’ve discovered that there are simian corpses filling the spaces between the walls.

It’s an old house, and it’s a big house, so I’m not surprised that the BGE bill is higher than we were used to at the townhouse, but the problem is the bill is higher and the house isn’t warmer. An energy audit showed us that the attic doesn’t have enough insulation, and there’s also a crawlspace under the house where the insulation was put on upside-down and isn’t doing its job very well. Hence my suspicion of a monkey work crew. We’re wearing slippers and flannel PJs and wrapping up in blankets and cats on the couch, but we’re going to need to tackle the insulation issues sooner or later. My husband thinks he can handle the part under the house once he does a little research on the topic, but we’ll need expensive pros to do the attic, which sucks. Apparently because of the shape of our attic, we need special “blown” insulation, not the pink fluffy sheet kind. And you need a licensed pro for that sort of thing, no chance of making it into a DIY project. Which is fine, really, because I think we’ve got enough of those lined up for now anyway!

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