What’s for Dinner: Chicken "Parm"

Well. You learn something new every day.

I haven’t been grocery shopping so we’re down to frozen pizza and other boring emergency foods, none of which appealed to me. I had chicken and marinara sauce and thought “hey, why not try making Chicken Parm tonight? I have chicken and parmesan!”

Except that upon closer inspection of, oh, every recipe I could find, Chicken Parmigiana is sneakily not made with parmesan cheese, despite the fact that its name totally sounds like parmesan. It needs mozzarella, which I sadly did not have on hand. So, I pretended like I’d never seen the recipes and forged blindly ahead with total disregard for the rules.

I took two thin chicken cutlets and salted and peppered them, then flopped them around in a bowl of breadcrumbs to which I’d added some oregano and garlic salt. I heated up some olive oil in a pan, waited for it to get ridiculously hot (that’s the trick to good breaded chicken cutlets – extreme and ridiculous heat), and fried the chicken till the outsides were nice and crispy brown. Then I moved them to the oven in a glass baking dish in a little pool of marinara and left them at 350 for about 10 minutes. Then I sprinkled grated parmesan on top, ground some fresh pepper onto the cheese, and gave them another 5 minutes. I served them with a side of whole wheat spaghetti and Bertolli sauce (Marinara with burgundy wine).

Verdict: yummy! I’ll definitely try this again. I know it wasn’t really chicken parmigiana, but who cares.

We were starving and so I didn’t take time for photos. Sorry, gentle readers, you’ll have to use your imagination until I make it again!

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