Recipe Fail – Honey Cinnamon Muffins

I’m not going to post the recipe because I’m still not sure how I botched these, and I don’t want someone out there to make bad muffins and blame me.

I’ve made these before and they were delicious, but this time they got crispy and burned very quickly. Did I copy down the recipe wrong, or is my oven too hot? Or is it because I used our CSA honey and it’s cursed?

My husband enjoyed eating the burnt offerings for breakfast today, which is sweet of him. But I’m going to try them again next weekend and use an oven thermometer to see what’s going on. The oven is a near-antique wall oven and I think its temperature sensor is broken. There’s a… thing… on the inside of the oven wall, which I suspect might be a sensor of some sort. If I knock it while putting something in, it shrieks. Just before sticking my muffin pans in, this happened, so maybe I messed something up, but I’ve also noticed that my oven tends to cook things faster than it is supposed to, and I need to keep a closer eye on things near the end of the cooking time.

My stove has issues too – the rings stay so hot for so long that even after I’ve turned the heat off, water will continue to boil for several minutes. It makes me nervous to try anything fancy that would require good heat control.

One of my long-term hopes for this place is to get a new stove and oven so I have something better to work with.

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