Biometrics day

Today I will be fingerprinted and photographed and put into a database. I am doing this because it’s the next step in the green card process. I’m nervous about getting there on time so I want to leave very early, just in case we get lost or hit some traffic or can’t find parking. In big BOLD letters on my appointment notice it says that failing to show up for my scheduled appointment will be considered as abandonment of the petition. I’m sure they won’t tear up my paperwork if we’re a few minutes late, but I feel like these folks have complete control over whether I get to stay, and what if we get an asshole who’s having a bad day and wants to spread his misery around? I’ve encountered those everywhere – I’m just hoping everyone we deal with today got up on the right side of the bed.

The entire process is very stressful. It’s a whole lot of paperwork (in duplicate or triplicate) and waiting, and confusing instructions. I understand the need for the background checks and the fingerprints, but it makes me feel like a criminal. It doesn’t help that the document I received allowing me to travel freely while my case is pending is called “Advance Parole”. At least I don’t have a parole officer or an electronic ankle bracelet tracking my movements. I promise to be better at “parole” than Lindsay Lohan.

Oh well, whatever it takes to be able to stay here with my husband and not get my ass deported back to the Great White North. I just hope they don’t implant a microchip in my skin…

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