Thanksgiving 2010. Part 2: Sweet Potatoes

American Thanksgiving has a few major differences from the Canadian version (besides the pilgrim dudes in the hats with the buckles – we don’t have those). For example, sweet potato casserole was new to me when I came to Maryland. It has variations, but it’s essentially seasoned mashed sweet potatoes baked in the oven with little marshmallows melty and browned on top. My in-laws do it very well, but it’s not what I’m used to, so this was my chance to show everyone my way. I kept my sweet potatoes very simple for my Thanksgiving dinner.

I peeled several sweet potatoes and cut them into rounds, then cut each round in four to make triangle-ish shapes. I was trying to make them look pretty. I tossed them with olive oil and thyme and rosemary, and some salt and pepper. Then they went onto a cookie sheet for about a half hour at 325 – the amount of time needed totally depends on how thick the slices are, so I checked them often with a fork. If they overcook, they fall apart. I stirred them around a couple of times as they cooked, too, so all the sides had a chance to brown a bit against the cookie sheet.

I made them the day before Thanksgiving and reheated them in the microwave, because my oven is very small and nothing else could fit in there with the turkey. I think they lost a little by being nuked – they taste so wonderful when they’re freshly roasted and have some slightly crispy bits. It’s my absolute favorite way to eat sweet potatoes, and I cook them like this often.

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